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WV Activist Alert – Cannabis Solutions are Possible in WV! Governor Justice Said – “Give me a Legalization Bill” Call Your Legislators Today:

Ring their Legislative phones off the hook!

Challenge Republicans in the West Virginia Legislature to honor our freedom by ending the racist prohibition of cannabis. Let Mountaineers be Free to grow 12 cannabis plants, ending the bureaucratic nightmare that is restricting access to WV Medical Cannabis, the program, legal since 2017 is so broken, in 2021 today, nobody in West Virginia has access to medical cannabis in any form.

Cannabis solutions were the No. #2 suggestion to the PEIA Task Force (at those forgotten public hearings). Hoppy Kercheval even had Teacher Representative Dale Lee on his Talk Line show after the Task Force recommendations came out, but neither could barely mention this fact.

Hoppy even asked the 2020 WV Gubernatorial candidates (Salango and Justice) about cannabis reforms - and allowed them both to spew the tired prohibitionist corporate monopolistic reefer madness nonsense, unquestioningly shallow journalism for a Gubernatorial debate moderator. Time to educate his sleepy host stuck in the mud quagmire audience. Flash Mob Hoppy this Friday, March 5 on Steam Release. Help spread the word - Do not post this Flash Mob Friday on social media, use email, and word of mouth only.

Educate, Agitate, and Organize!

Legal cannabis states are seeing a land rush: Land Rush Is On in Four States That Approved Recreational Pot Last Year, The Wall Street Journal, By Peter Grant, Feb. 18, 2021:

Allowing patients, care givers (and adults) to grow, possess, and use flower and leaf cannabis does not prevent a well-regulated WV medical cannabis program from functioning, and does not prevent the state from implementing a well-regulated recreational cannabis market. Allowing adults to grow cannabis does provide access in 2021 to medical cannabis where state law does not.

Is cannabis safe? The American Medical Association opposed cannabis prohibition in Congress in 1937. There are no known overdoses related to the consumption of cannabis. Cannabis is safer and less addictive than alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals. Prohibition was racist in 1937 and continued enforcement of cannabis prohibition remains racist in 2021, with Preston and Putnam counties (in WV) leading the nation in cannabis prohibition enforcement.

African Americans are five to seven times more likely to be engaged by law enforcement and incarcerated in West Virginia for cannabis offenses when compared to Caucasians who use cannabis at similar demographic rates. Racist in 1937, still racist today. End the racial injustice of cannabis prohibition.

Cannabis legal states (with access to flower and leaf - as recommended by the WV Medical Cannabis Advisory Board in 2018) see a 25% reduction in opiate overdoses (Journal of American Medical Association study) and a 12% reduction in pharmaceutical benefit utilization, saving PEIA $30 million annually. This is a consumer choice to use a non-health insurance benefit covered safe, natural plant over addictive and harmful pharmaceutical crap.

A legal cannabis market could help increase WV state revenues, increase population, while decriminalization and allowing home grow let’s West Virginian’s be Free. Full cannabis reform also opens up industrial hemp production to new levels, if the draconian anti-business friendly industrial hemp restrictions like unnecessary background checks and abusive fees are lifted!

After years of prohibitionist nonsense, WV Governor Justice said this week he would sign a legal cannabis bill - if the Legislature sends him a bill to sign.

Ask your favorite Republican legislator to take ownership of the cannabis reform movement. Ask them to sponsor and introduce meaningful cannabis reforms, including full decriminalization and legalization for possession, use and growing of cannabis by adults in West Virginia.

Why? Because all the Democrap’s wouldn’t do it – what? That is right, isn’t Joe Manchin’s daughter the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, that stands to benefit in direct competition with medical cannabis???..

Cannabis reforms must include eliminating the artificial restrictions on agricultural and industrial hemp production.

Expungement of records for cannabis offenders and protecting the 2nd amendment rights of cannabis users is good public policy. Support the Normalization of Cannabis Act (was introduced in 2020 and could be introduced in 2021 with only Republican sponsors - Delegates Higgnenbotham, Capito and McGeehan and Senators Takubo, Trump, and Blair, all come to mind...).

Senate Bill 231 is a good medical cannabis reform bill, a step in the right direction. Doesn't go far enough, but new legislation implementring annabis Reforms for West Virgina are only a phone call away!

Governor Justice asked the legislature to send him cannabis reform bills, (to offset the damage proposed in the elimination of the state income tax) So, call your legislators today and ask them to deliver the good stuff!

What do we want?

Full adult use legalization…

When do we want it?


How do we get there? Call your legislators today. Ignite a fire in the marketplace of ideas…

Flash Mob Hoppy this Friday, March 5 at 11:30 am

Sound the alarms for Cannabis Solutions for WV!

Thank you Steve Thompson!

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